Our wedding story

So it happened.

Our legal wedding ceremony has happened.

But before we get there let’s go back in time a bit…

So about a year and a half ago Francesca and I went to South Korea for our religious wedding. It was a very stressful and hectic time with lots and lots of people but we had a great experience.

Unfortunately the state of Austria doesn’t recognize church weddings as legal weddings, so only half of the job was done. We took the opportunity to celebrate again in a very different setting, simple and the way we like it.

So last summer we started the process of gathering all the necessary documents from different countries and cities in different languages… and then 8 months later we can start planning for the actual day.

At that point we just wanted to be done with it. I mean, we had been married for more than a year already. Just not legally.

So we set a date only about a month and a half away.

The first question we asked each other was concerning the guest list. And man that’s a tough one. If you put this person on the list then you need to put that person on and within no time you have a list with 100-150 people. Absolutely not what we wanted. We have already had a big wedding ceremony 😉

Then how to do? For some time we considered being just the two of us. No family, no friends, no witnesses, just a photographer and us. This way nobody is left out… but everybody is pissed.

Next plan: immediate family and a small list of closest friends. But also this one was doomed to fail. A short list of people grows exponentially fast way beyond the number we wanted.

A couple of days passed and we hadn’t come to any conclusion. So for matters of simplicity (and affordability) we decide on having only our immediate family and a small celebration in our garden.

Still a lot to do. Like a lot. Think of the garden set up, the transportation, hosting people, food, cutlery and dishes, decorations, translation, etc. etc. etc.

The day got closer and closer and the preparations were going well. It’s crazy how much we had to think of, only for 15 people.

The weekend of the wedding was finally here. We picked up family members from the airport and from the train station. We hosted them at our place.

The day before the wedding was all about getting things in order. We prepared the food together, which meant antipasti and cakes, got the table setup done, the clothes ironed, reminded people to bring documents and umbrellas, did this, did that. The family took so much stress off our shoulders and was really supportive.

And then we’re finally here. April 30th 2019.

It’s pouring rain and super windy.

We head to the Standesamt. The ceremony is set for 10:30. All the family members arrive. The marriage registrar arrives and checks the documents. Then the service begins.

The ceremony is really nice: walking in to the room together, sitting amidst our families, feeling emotional and excited. The registrar’s nice intro speech. The legal question asking if we want to be husband and wife. Ja/Yes/Si. Tears. Also her tears. Kiss. Congratulations. Hugs. Photos. Being rushed out in the rain because there’s another couple waiting to get married.

It all goes by in a blur. It’s all over so fast. We have our friend here as a photographer. He takes awesome pictures of us in the rain while the family prepares the rest of the food and the house for the reception.

We come together. Time for a short speech thanking people for coming.

Beautifully prepared antipasti. We’re already full. A little break with a short game until the main dish arrives. Good for digestion.

Food then coffee and tea. Then the beloved cake cutting.

Man that Tiramisù, Francesca’s sister made was delicious. Not to criticize the others but the Tiramisù was all gone afterwards.

Time for games.

And that almost concludes it. Some more photos. The families getting to know each other. Some cleaning. A few rushed greetings and we’re quickly reduced in numbers again.

We have some help with putting things back to normal in the house but there’s still more to do.

Letting people know that we got married. Letting officials know. Changing documents etc. Most of these things have happened since. But one step at a time.

For now we’re really grateful that it all went so smoothly. A lot of stress was taken away by family members. Even the rain didn’t bother us. It created the opportunity for an intimate celebration with the family and nice photos.

And as I’m writing this it’s two days later and I have my newly legally wedded wife sleeping on my chest. Breathing in. Breathing out. So peaceful.

2 thoughts on “Our wedding story

  1. Anne Maimone 27. May 2019 — 18:19

    To my beautiful niece and new nephew in law . Welcome to the family. Congratulations and I love you always. Grandma Cohen and Aunt Anne Maimone

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you guys at some point 🙂

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