What to do, what to do

It’s funny, you know.

I have a four-day work week, which means I have three days off every week. And once every four weeks I am lucky enough to have Friday – Monday to myself.

So what would someone do with four free days in a row? Many ideas come to mind. A mini city holiday somewhere in driving distance, a weekend at a spa, some time to fix things around the house, etc. These three just come to mind without thinking extensively about it.

But what do I end up doing?

For more than 8 months we’ve been having these shifts at work now, and how many different cities, how many spas have I visited? How many things did I fix around the house?

Disappointingly few!

But this weekend is gonna be different. This weekend is always gonna be different. We have plans. We have ideas. We want to go. So this time we will go.

Wrong, wrong, wrong again.

Friday morning, sleeping in a bit, then a lunch meeting with a friend, and then some time at home to chill, watch a movie together, bake a cake and spend some couple time. No foreign city in sight.

Sunday is already full of plans with lunch and afternoon/evening booked for the family. Monday is the one time a year I can go snowboarding with my brother. So the only day I can spend some alone time with my wife is today, Saturday.

Let’s make the best of it.

Quick brainstorm in the morning. Go to Vienna? We haven’t seen the inside of Schönbrunn, neither have we been to the zoo. We also haven’t been sightseeing in the center too much. There’s the entire inner city to explore. Also there’s the Albertina (an art gallery) which my wife has been wanting to see for ages. So many things. By the time we decide it’s lunch time. Which means, that we only have half a day to get there and then enjoy the time. Doesn’t seem to be worth the money then :/

New plan.

The Wachau. One of the first places I took her when we met. It’s this beautiful valley along the Danube. Very much worth a visit. Especially in the warm months of the year. Today it’s 3-4°C but the sun is nice and warm. This makes for a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time outside.

So, in the car we go. 20 min drive. We are in Krems. Another 15 min to get to Weißenkirchen. This translates to white church. Funny because there is a church in this town, but there is only one single tower that’s white. And they name the town Weißenkirchen. I will look into the history of this. But for now, let us take a walk along the Danube.

Let’s have a seat. There’s a table with two benches with a marvelous view of the valley. Coffee and cake from home to accompany the experience.

Having nobody around there to photobomb us, we grab the chance to take some pictures. Let’s see if they are Instagram-worthy..

I guess they are 🙂

Once the sun has gone down it does get quite chilly though. So back home we go to spend the evening together.

We went through so much “trouble”, thinking of so many things to do, abandoning 90% of our ideas, coming up with this one, simply to get in the car and enjoy a stroll. But I really enjoyed it. Simple. Cheap.
Just me and my best friend. Quality time. Beautiful nature.

Let’s see what we end up doing the next time I have a long weekend.

1 thought on “What to do, what to do

  1. You had quality time together – that’s precious. ☕️☕️☕️

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