Be my..

.. Valentine?

It’s been a while since we went out to do something just the two of us as a couple.

I mean we do have time with each other when we are home. But it’s different from going out. There are fewer distractions.

So since I had the day off and it’s Feb. 14th today we decided to go for lunch and then watch a movie together.

For lunch we went to a small trip to Italy. Well sort of. We went on L’Osteria in Vienna. Luckily we had reserved because it was really crowded. That didn’t really work out as the intimate time of a meal together as we had hoped for but it was fine either way.

We saw an elderly couple sit close by to us ending up fighting because of the seating situation. This made me think of a good relationship. They argue and have a heated conversation but they share a Valentine’s day meal together. At their age!

We then had a 40 min stroll through the city to go to the cinema.

How to train your dragon 3 is the movie of choice. We are super excited about this. The first and second movie really made us cry. ­čÖé

But well well, what shall I say. I don’t want to spoil anything but I think they could have upped their game with it. The characters were a bit weak and theres a bit of a weird love interest going on. I dunno. Anyway. Be your own judge of it. Don’t get me wrong it was visually a really good movie and I generally liked it, but they could have improved the story.

Afterwards we strolled down Mariahilferstra├če to get to the train station. It was lovely. We talked about the movie. We discussed characters, the story, the visuals etc.

It’s spending time together and investing in the relationship that make it work. We are so distracted by every day life that we don’t act on it we just react.

So did I enjoy the day? Absolutely.

I need to up my game considering this blog as well.

I haven’t written anything in a while and my biggest fan and critic really likes it when I write here.

Let’s see, I’ll try to make this happen more often.

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