People on travels (train #5)

This time I am really tired, getting on this train! It’s quite a packed compartment. I can’t put the seats together to sleep. Ear plugs in, light off and I fall asleep sitting down. Waking up once after midnight to see that the seat opposite of me is empty, I put them together and sleep in my “bed” 🙂

The nights rest is good. I sleep until 7.30. 2 hours left. Let’s do a round of Sudoku. It’s a hard one. But I’ve almost solved it. There’s only one person left in the compartment. Wondering if I should just do Sudoku for the next 2h or start a conversation with this guy, he interrupts my solving streak. Asking where I’m going. He’s about 30 years of age. Bit darker skin. Nice long black beard. Quiet, soft, sympathetic and not too deep voice.

There it is. The conversation starts. Where are you from? What do you do? Typical starters. This guy is a Pakistani with Afghan roots. He wants to learn German and start his jewelry business here in Vienna. He already has residency in Europe and a working permit and everything. So it shouldn’t be too difficult for him I guess.

What is more impressive to me is his family situation. He has wife and three kids at home in Pakistan. Hasn’t seen them in 4 months. His youngest is only 5 months old. He has 5 brothers and 6 sisters. They are 12 kids! He emphasizes “from one mother!!”. This already is impressive. But then he talks about his house. He lives together with his parents and all his 5 brothers. In one house. Everybody has his own single apartment and space for his own family but they are all together in one place. (This house holds as many people, as to fill two entire football teams and even coaching staff and so on.) it’s impressive. They always eat together. They have a long table where they fit everyone. Breakfast always in a huge group. And then they start their day together. His sisters all went to live with their husbands and I guess their families. This seems to be quite common down there in the middle east.

This sense of family and living with each other is really cool. You have the people you love close to you, but you have your space to retreat as well. And I guess you need the space to retreat! 😉 Since he’s away from his kids and wife, he still has others taking care of them, if needed.

And his respect for his parents. Something you don’t always see in our surroundings as much. Really cool. He says that this respect towards your parents and to your partner is where God can be with you then. You see that in the Qur’an. That sounds really interesting. I guess a lot of people would be able to learn something here.

He invited me to come stay at his place in Pakistan, to show me his house. Then we can drive his car around and I’d get to know his family and he’d show me all these stones that he’s selling and so on. And once he’s established a jewelry here in Austria I’m welcome to come visit 🙂 I’m looking forward to see what he can do around here!

I like this guy. I like these train rides. I so often meet these interesting people. Traveling is really a way to broaden your horizon. Already on your way there and still on your way back home!

Buon viaggio!

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