People on travels (train #4)

I haven’t been travelling this route for a while now. In fact I haven’t taken this route for more than 2 months now. This summer was more of a travel-by-car summer. Once again, though, this train travel is gonna be quite an interesting one.

At first I get into this little compartment as always. Just one lady with a dog in it. Don’t wanna sit opposite of her and step on the dog, so I give up on my seat at the window. The train is late. Another guy, with a fragrant scent of cigarette smoke, comes in and sits opposite of her. We still don’t leave. Suddenly a huge group of people enters the carriage and pass by and look for seats. A young couple enters our compartment.

At first I’m not really in the mood of talking too much. So I open my PC and start writing some good byes to my fiancee and then I just play a short game. The conductor comes in, checks for the ticket. Takes mine. Checks it. Looks at me. Checks it again. Looks at his watch. I’m getting a bit anxious. Looks at the ticket. Then he says in a broken, Italian accented, English: This ticket is not valid. It’s for yesterday. It takes a while, before I realise what is going on. Me, not knowing how to react, say: “But I didn’t take the train yesterday!” I could have probably come up with no better thing to say than that! I am so embarrassed.

Everyone in the compartment looks at me like: I’m sorry, that they’ll kick you out because of that!

But talking to the conductor, apologizing, and explaining that I had booked for the wrong day, they let me be and travel with that ticket. (thanks guys!)

This sparks an interesting conversation with the young couple, who is actually from Austria. At first I was not really in the mood for talking or interacting with anyone. But here and now situation changes and I’m too pumped with unnecessary Adrenaline to just be silent. We talk about how everyone is so focused on their phones and earplugs while travelling, that you don’t really get to meet new people. We talk about different cultures and our travel experiences. Why we travel to Florence. Our jobs. Our relationships. Our ideas of a good relationship and its values. And then we go on to philosophize about God and religion. The young guy says he is a fetishist of Christianity and Middle Age. So quite some interesting conversation going on. How things have changed during the last couple of hundred years. And so on and so forth!

At some point, the conversation has come to a pause, the girl of the couple asks me: “What’s your name, actually? hehe” So I introduce myself and I officially meet Julian and Katrin. We were talking for probably more than two hours and haven’t even known each others names.

It’s cool meeting these people every time I take this train. I’m enjoying it. At around 2′ in the morning, the compartment is now half empty again, it is time to go to sleep.

Good night 🙂

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