People on travels (airport #1)

I sit on a bench, not too comfortable, waiting for my parents to arrive. The plane is 2h late. A gentleman, clean shirt, no tie, fitting shoes, about 80 years old, sits down next to me. I make a bit of space. A short “danke”. The space on the other side of me gets free. He calls his wife, fit, mobile, well dressed too, about the same age as him, (a lovely old couple!!) to sit there. I move to make space for her to sit next to him, there’s enough room for all of us.
The airport lights all go off, she turns around to me saying: it’s probably cooler without. Out of the blue a conversation starter. We talk. Who are you waiting for? Our granddaughter, she’s flying alone the first time today. She’s arriving from London, but the flight is not shown on the screen anymore, she should be out already. She mumbles something to her husband. “she’s gonna be fine” he says.
Not much communicating going on between them. But I guess when you’ve been together for 40 or 50+ years you understand each other without talking too much.
The granddaughter arrives. They get up, holding hands, say thank you to me and off they go hugging their beloved. What a cute couple. 🙂 inspiring!

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