People on travels (train#2)

Four and a bit days in Firenze have passed. I’ve been up the entire day, I’m already a bit tired! It is 22:15 and the train leaves. After saying my “see ya next time”s and get into the carriage, this 6 seat compartment again, I put my stuff away, window seat again 🙂 and there is one guy, maybe 25-30, sitting at the entrance seat! Doesn’t say much, has his ear plugs in. Basically all I wanna do is sleep! I pull the seats together for them to be my bed. I’ve got my blanket. I put my ear plugs in too. No music, but just to block the sound. I still briefly wait for the conductor to check the ticket. Then turn and sleep.
But na-ah. Quiet night? No! This guy starts being on the phone. Basically no problem if he weren’t almost shouting into it. Having fun with this person on the other side. He laughs and totally forgets that I’m actually there wanting to sleep.
Finally he puts down his phone and I fall asleep.
A couple of hours pass, sleeping, waking up, sleeping, waking up… Not very good sleep, although I sometimes manage to have a real good nights rest on this night trains. So we cross the Austrian border. This bald guy,with a badge hanging around his neck, comes in, wants to see ID. I give him my drivers licence. Ok. He takes the other guys passport. Starts asking questions like “how long have you been in Europe? How long are you staying? Where is your permit?” The guy shows him his train ticket and only says “casa”.
“OK, come with me”. They are gone for five minutes, then he comes back, takes his suitcase and leaves. In the background I hear “next train to Villach, from there to Slovenia and then back to Macedonia”. This guy is clearly confused about the situation, doesn’t understand a word. Again “Villach then Slovenia!!”. He comes back, grabs his phone charger he forgot, grunts and leaves. Out the window I just see him packing his stuff together and being watched over by this bald guy. The train leaves and I don’t see him anymore. And neither will anybody else here probably.
The only thing remaining in Austria is his bottle (photo)

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