People on travels (train #1)

Once again I’m on the train, window seat, travelling to Firenze, to my lovely fiance. The train leaves Vienna main station, I’m almost alone in the carriage (this little compartment with 6 seats). As always, as soon as we get to Meidling the carriage fills with all the workers and students on their way home. So there are two students next to me, one guy with just a rucksack, one woman, in her 20s,  and another guy, probably a bit older,  opposite of me. It seems as if the woman and the second guy know each other. I just have my ear plugs in and listen to music. So, this one guy opposite of me starts a conversation with the two students next to me. His English is fluent, not native though,  but it’s hard to say where he’s from. “What are you studying? Is it interesting? The psychosomatic effect of mental health on the body? Seems to be interesting!” Then he turns to the woman next to him. “So what do you do? Work with refugees? And studying? So interesting!” I listen to my music and partially to the conversation. Half minding my business, half listening into these people’s lives! The conversation goes on and on. Next stop, the students and the other guy with the backpack (who didn’t say much) get off. It’s only the three of us now. Now he asks me, so what do you do? So now I’m part of the conversation too. “Ambulance technician? Cool, isn’t that stressful? How do you do that? How do you deal with what you see? I couldn’t do that! I study and teach at university. I’m from Persia. Isch spresche ein bissschen Deutsch.” OK, small talk is over. Now we’re at the serious things of life! Money, work, languages, travels, using company money for travelling and see the world, different cultures, (can I add you on facebook?), people, immigration, so many different topics. So interesting people! Time just flies by. Sooner or later we’re in Styria. This cool Persian guy gets off. “maybe next time when you visit your fiance again, we meet on the train again. I’ve got your facebook. Ok cya guys. Nice meeting you!” Now it’s only me and the woman. Language of  conversation changes to German. She studies in Klagenfurt. Turns out her roots are not too far away from me as it seems at first. So many more interesting topics. Time flies by. We talk about how interesting it is how people start conversations and how people react to that. How cultures are just so different. People are generally more open to conversation there and it’s not as inviting here. Cool stuff, since she does cultural studies at uni. It’s past midnight, I’ve been up since 4am, and I still don’t feel too tired. These conversations are all too interesting. But then soon later we’re in Klagenfurt. She gets off, now I’m alone in the carriage. Ok, 12:30 almost 1am. Time to sleep.

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